Buyer Persona Resource Guide


1.  Buyer Personas take time, so get a buy in from the boss

For companies that haven’t taken the time to develop buyer personas, getting started and finding the time to do it can be the biggest challenge. A ‘buy in’ from management is essential to get the necessary time allotted to this project.

Here’s a great definition of buyer persona and its impact on sales.  Couch it in these terms and this assignment will become your priority.

“To be a market contender today you have to know what your customers are attempting to accomplish and how they think. You also need to possess deep insights into how, when, where, and why your customers make buying decisions. If you do, you will understand the path to purchase your buyers follow when making the decision to buy. Having those insights will not only lead to a speedier buying cycle, but also to happier, more satisfied customers.”
–Tony Zambito, Founder of Buyer Personas

2.  The Best Quick & Easy Sources to get you started today

Marketo logoMarketo created a great 2-page cheat sheet, How to Create a Buyer Persona and Journey. This gives a succinct yet information rich, quick understanding of the persona and journey.

Hubspot Buyer PersonasHubspot created a PowerPoint template on the buyer persona. I prefer using a branded PPT, but this template is a good starting point for developing your own.

3.  The Deep Dive – this involves some real workNow that you’ve created some quick buyer personas, make sure you’re really on target.  Here’s the Ultimate BP eBook that can help:
Buyer Insights ebook coverOpenView has a 91-page eBook on the subject – Buyer Insights Research. How to Understand Your Buyers So You Can Eliminate the Guesswork.  Openview pulled the best resources from the top content marketing organizations and curates the content into a working how-to manual.  This is a mini-bible on the topic. Pass it on.

4.  Have some FUN!

Hats off to Traci Curran at Revegy.  Not only did she take the time to identify her company’s buyer personas, she had life-size cardboard cut-outs of the buyers created and placed them around the office to remind everyone in the company–from sales to customer service–who they are targeting.  She kept it light and fun while making a point her team won’t soon forget.

Other ideas – create some quick flyers using stock photos and 5 bullets – remember – no one reads long text.

5.   Review and Refresh
Recheck and update your BP every time you start to develop a new product or service, or shift your marketing plans.  You’ve done the hard work the first time, so now simply review your Openview ebook again as it relates to your latest plans or your next product launch.  Here’s where a quick check and adjustment can go a long way in sales.


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