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Brand Architecture – it’s not Yada, Yada, Yada

In an episode of “Seinfeld”, George Constanza pretended to be an architect–with predictable results. He wanted the status of success without working to achieve it. He didn’t want to sweat the details–the yada, yada, yada–if you will. Read more…

Is Your Brand Marketing a Game Changer?

Brand marketing takes time and commitment to get it right – so Just Do It – right?  And just like exercise, in the long run, the payoff can be fantastic.

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5 Steps in Developing Your Buyer Personas


Buyer Persona Resource Guide


1.  Buyer Personas take time, so get a buy in from the boss

For companies that haven’t taken the time to develop buyer personas, getting started and finding the time to do it can be the biggest challenge. A ‘buy in’ from management is essential to get the necessary time allotted to this project. Read more…